Active ceilings made of copper, aluminum and steel
EFFI CUPRUM ceilings are a universal system for heating and cooling.

EFFI CUPRUM combines a heating system, cooling system, and the ceiling of the room. The modules can be built into any suspended ceilings, or can be placed freely indoors. Thus, just one installation is carried out on the object instead of three.

Creating a comfortable climate all year round
Operating with all common heat and cold sources, the system creates a comfortable temperature in both heating and cooling mode.

Interior design possibilities
Modules sizes correspond to the standard sizes of suspended ceilings. The system can be applied in any room with a suspendedceiling, and it will be completely invisible. EFFI CUPRUM ceilings can be of any color according to the RAL standard.

Superior comfort
EFFI CUPRUM ceilings are a silent system that does not create drafts, dust movement and allows you to create a comfort temperature. Moreover, there is no need for its maintenance.

Energy efficiency
EFFI CUPRUM reduces the cost of reaching the required temperature by an average of 30%, compared to air heating and air conditioning systems.

Operation with heat pumps
In heating mode the system operates from a temperature of 35°C, which creates ideal conditions for highly efficient operation of heat pumps. In cooling mode, to prevent condensation, the cold carrier temperature is not lower than 16°C. It also conduces to the high efficiency of heat pumps or chillers.
EFFI CUPRUM active ceilings are suitable for offices, educational and medical institutions, commercial and public spaces, shopping centers, airports and train stations.