Modern climate system for modern premises
What are climate panels?

EFFI FERRUM climate panels are a modern water ceiling heating system for modern high-rise non-residential premises.

The technology has been massively used in European countries for over 50 years.
Climate panels are specially designed for high rooms and are perfect for heating workshops, warehouses, gyms, supermarkets, car dealerships, service stations and car washes, depots and parking lots.

EFFI FERRUM model range
Classic EFFI, climate panel, suitable for most rooms.
The special anti-ball grid prevents sports equipment from getting stuck in the climate panels. For gyms, arenas, sports and recreation centers, etc.
For rooms with high humidity (car washes, swimming pools, water parks). Special insulation.
EFFI climate panel with thermal insulation, closed on top with a metal screen. The metal shield protects the thermal insulation from external influences.
The model is protected by a vinyl fabric. Provides the ability to wet wash the climate panel. For agricultural facilities.
A model that allows the collector to be installed inconspicuously. For rooms with high design requirements.
CP006-** (* color code)
EFFI climate panels can be painted in any RAL color.
Aluminum multi-axis for parallel mounting of multiple panels. Savings on fasteners and labor.
UB100, UB170
U-shaped connectors to eliminate the use of collectors, create a "snake-like" connection, and place return and supply on one side.
More products
EFFI FERRUM climate panels are suitable for production halls, gyms, warehouses, car dealerships and service stations, car washes, swimming pools and water parks.